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Administrator Support Information


Below are additional resources from Adobe that can assist with the use, troubleshooting, and support of our on-premise installation of Adobe Connect


Note that not all support documentation that is from Adobe will be applicable to our on-premise installation of Adobe Connect. Some features, such as telephony and audio conferencing, are not used in our environment (our installation of Adobe Connect only uses the VoIP components for voice communication).


Getting Started With Adobe Connect

A step-by-step user-oriented guide for working with Adobe Connect. Includes system test tool that users can access to test the compatibility of their computer.


Adobe Connect How-To Guides

More in-depth user-oriented guides on specific topics related to working with Adobe Connect.


Adobe Connect training webinars

Weekly training webinars offered on Adobe Connect from Clarix Technologies


Adobe Connect Main Support Page

All Adobe Connect resources. Mostly administrator-oriented.


On-Premise Support

More administrator-oriented articles, but with a troubleshooting emphasis.


Adobe Connect Support Blog

Updates on known issues, troubleshooting, workarounds, etc.


Connect User Community

User-created resources.


Sorry, no content available at this time

This page is blank right now. We are busy creating helpful content for this user guide. Come back soon.


Who to contact

User questions, requests for webinar support:


Doug Drown

Performance and Event Technology, Institutional Media Technologies, UIT


ext. 2265


Non-responsive server, other server errors:


Konrad Willmert


ext. 2048


Ev Webber


ext. 2892


Stephen Swan


ext. 2429


General Technical Support:


Adobe Platinum Support Direct:


(if requested, our contract number is 0085078292)


Clarix (our vendor for Adobe Connect):


Licensing questions :


Walt Zweigle

585-899-5300 ext.156


Technical Support:


Chris Dekonick

585-899-5300 ext.162



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