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1. Preparing for a Combined Course in Adobe Connect

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The following steps will need to be completed before the start date for any given course.


The responsibility for preparing a combined course in Adobe Connect rests with the instructor for the course and/or the department that is offering the course.


The instructor, or similarly-qualified staff-person, will need to complete the following steps in order to successfully prepare a combined course using Adobe Connect:

  1. Log into the Adobe Connect console at http://connect8.indwes.edu.

    Image 008.png
  2. Click on the Create New: Meeting button.

    Image 002.png
  3. Give the new “meeting” any name you’d like – use the name of the course, or the course and section number.

    Image 003.png
  4. Under Custom URL, create a link that will be fairly easy to remember, but as short as possible.

    Image 004.png
  5. Under Select Template, select “Shared Templates\Multi-site Course.”

    Image 001.png
  6. Under Access, select “Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room.”

    Image 005.png
  7. Other settings, including Start Time, Duration, and Audio Conference Settings can all be ignored. They do not affect the type of Adobe Connect Meeting you are creating.
  8. Click next.

    Image 006.png
  9. On the next page, you will be designating the instructor (or facilitator), and selecting which two IWU Education Centers are participating in the course. Locate the names of the Education Centers and the instructor using the search box on the left side, and clicking "add". Once the instructors and locations are added to the list on the right, give all of them “Host” permissions via the "permissions" button. See this screenshot below for an example where “Evan Gilmore” is the instructor at a course being conducted at Lexington AND Merrillville:

    Image 008.png
  10. Click "Finish".

    Image 009.png
  11. This class will now be available to either site, as well as the instructor who is teaching the course when they log in to http://connect8.indwes.edu.
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