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Re-Activating Duo On a Mobile Device


If you activated Duo on a mobile device but didn't setup the Duo Mobile app (You don't have the "Push" option available to you), or if you've setup a new phone with the same phone number as your old device, you can use this guide for re-activating duo on your phone/new phone.




1. Before starting, we highly recommend installing the "Duo Mobile" app on your smart phone and clearing your temporary internet files and cookies ( ) prior to going through the steps below.
2. Additionally, you must be using a browser on your computer (not phone) when following the steps below.

First Step

Visit the MyIWU Portal and sign in using your username and password. Then on the next screen where Duo prompts for how you want to authenticate select the "Settings" option:


Second Step

On the next screen, you'll need to select "My Settings & Devices":


Third Step

You'll then need to confirm your identity by going through the two factor authentication steps. The easiest at this time since you are working on re-activating duo, would be to use the "Call Me" option. 

Select "Call me", and then follow the voice prompts on your cell phone.


Fourth Step

Select the gear icon next to your mobile number:


Fifth Step

Select the "Activate Duo" or "Reactivate Duo" option:


Sixth Step

Select the appropriate type of mobile phone that you have.

If you select the "Other" option, you will not be able to use Duo Mobile and will need to instead rely on the "Call me" or "Text me" options for authentication. The "Other" option is intended for non-smart phones, obsolete smart phones, and BlackBerry phones.


Final Step

If you installed "Duo Mobile" in step one, then click "I Have Duo Mobile".  Then follow the on-screen instructions (highlighted in the screenshot).

The QR barcode in the screenshot below has been blacked out for security purposes. When you get to this step, a real QR code will be presented that is unique to you, and your setup.


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