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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

What's the preferred method for two factor authentication? (SMS, Voice, Duo Mobile Push)


Duo mobile is the preferred method for your two factor authentication. The application can run on a tablet, or a smart phone (Android or iOS). Here are some details as to why the application is preferred over SMS or voice:

  • Less intrusive and the fastest method for confirming your identity
  • The app will let you know where the login attempt is coming from, which lets you know if someone else is trying to access your account
    • Be sure to click "Deny" if a login attempt is not initiated by yourself
  • The app is lightweight and doesn't require additional permissions to your phone/tablet
  • Cost's the university less versus the other methods (SMS and Voice)
    • Each SMS/Voice incurs a cost for the university, whereas the Mobile App carries no cost.
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