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Duo Security

What is Two-Factor?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) means that when you log in, you provide two types of proof of identity.  The advantage of two-factor authentication [2FA] is that an attacker who obtains your password will not be able to log in as you without your Duo option.  For your two-factor authentication, IWU requires your Username/Password and Duo Security’s Authentication system.  With Duo, you can select multiple methods of identity verification.

Applications that require 2FA include:

- All Office365 cloud apps 

- IWU Portal


How do I enroll?

If you have not previously setup Duo security, when you login to the IWU portal or Office365 applications, you will be prompted to setup DUO security for 2FA.

Options for Duo setup include: 


 Duo setup options.jpg


Download the appropriate app to your smart phone before completing the enrollment - You can download the Duo Mobile App here:


Apple -

Google Play -

Important Notes


·         It is best to setup multiple methods of Duo security


·         Additional Information can be found on Duo Security’s guide:


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Support Center at 765.677.2209 or Security Questions


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