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Initial Setup of Duo Security

How to setup Duo Security for the first time.

Before You Begin

Download the Duo Mobile app onto your phone from either the Google Play Store or App Store. This will make the process below work more smoothly. When you search for the app you'll see it listed with the following logos:

Android Play Store:                                                                   Apple App Store:

Account Setup

This section will walk you through the enrollment of a mobile device.

You can open the Security Enrollment email from Duo Security ( on your phone and click the invitation link.  You will need to install Duo Mobile on your device beforehand for this to work.  This will automatically enroll your device allowing you to skip ahead to step 10.


  1. Use the Duo Setup link in the email you received from "Duo Security". Alternatively, you may log into the MyIWU portal at
  2.  You will be prompted to Protect Your Indiana Wesleyan University Account.  Click the Start setup button.


  3. The next page will ask you to choose a device to set up (Mobile phone, tablet, landline, or security key).  Choose the appropriate option and press Continue.  However, it is recommended to set up a mobile/smart phone, so the rest of these instructions will assume this choice.


  4. Select the country and enter your cell phone number.  After doing so, confirm the phone number by checking the box below it and click Continue.


  5. Choose the type of phone you would like to set up (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or other) and choose Continue.


    Pre-installing Duo Mobile on your phone will make these next steps a smoother process. See the section above labeled "Before You Begin" for those instructions.
  6. Open the Duo Mobile app on your phone, press the “+” symbol in the upper right corner and scan the QR code on your computer (you may need to grant the app permissions to use the camera).  Alternatively, you can choose the Email me an activation link instead option. 


  7. After scanning the QR code or clicking the link in the email, click Continue which will present you with your current associated device(s).


  8. Click the Back to Login button and you should receive a notification regarding successful enrollment.


  9. Log into the portal by selecting one of the options below:
    • Send Me a Push – This will send a push notification to your phone asking to approve or deny the login request.
    • Call Me – You will receive a call on your phone which will prompt you to press a key to approve the login request.
    • Enter a Passcode – You can open the Duo Mobile app on your phone and enter the passcode your IWU account is displaying.


  10. You're now setup with two factor authentication for IWU Services.


If you have any additional questions, please contact the Support Center at ext. 2209 or



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