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Retrieving Data from Submitting etrieve Forms


After completing this how-to you will have found data stored in the database for any form.


  1. Go to etrieve Central Settings - 
  2. Click on Sources
  3. Click on zz Find Form Data
  4. Click on Actions
    1. @formId = form number  This is found in the URL of the form ex. 
    2. @idField = Element ID of field found in Builder (or inspect - HTML Element ID field)  ex. studentId, originatorErpId, etc.
    3. @idValue = The value of the ID fields ex. 1234567
    4. @dataField = ID of field where the text is needed  ex. ele252, notes, comments, etc.
  5. Once updated, click Save
  6. Click Back
  7. Click on the Arrow to go back to all the options.
  8. Click on Forms
  9. Click on Troubleshooting Form
  10. Click F12 to open Developer Tools (in Chrome)
  11. Click Preview in Etrieve to load the form (must be done after dev tools are open or you will need to refresh)
  12. Under the Network tab, find onLoad in the list of calls and click it.
  13. Under Preview tab on the right, find Sources and click on the triangle to expand the data.
  14. Click on the triangle next to zz_Find_Form_Data to expand its data.
  15. Click on the triangle next to 0: to expand its data.  Data is sorted so that 0 will always be the most recent.
  16. clipboard_eb2661d99f7f62abb98d682e675ca4ec8.png

What's Next

This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.

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