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Triangle Publishing FTP

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Set up access to the Triangle Publishing FTP account.

FTP Settings


You can use a program like FileZilla to access an FTP site.


Your FTP transfer is setup as follows:


FTP Host:             ftp.indwes.edu
Username:          TP-Art-Music
Password:           See Password List


The logon credentials will automatically place the FTP user into the following directory:

\\Pearl\TrianglePub\Project FTP\Art-Music-Textbook


Once connected the user will be able to “upload to” and “download from” that directory.  As indicated by the path this FTP directory exists inside of your TrianglePub directory on Pearl.  This should allow you to easily move received files into the actual project directory.


For other projects needing similar transfer abilities we can make a login for that project that will automatically place the user into that project’s FTP folder.
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