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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

OneDrive for Business FAQ

General Questions

How can I benefit from using OneDrive for Business?
How do I get OneDrive for Business?
Is OneDrive for Business the same as OneDrive?
The global navigation bar in Office 365 displays 'OneDrive' - is this OneDrive for Business?
What happens to my OneDrive for Business documents if I leave the university?
What is OneDrive for Business?

Technical Questions

Are my files on OneDrive for Business backed up?
Can I use any character in file names store in OneDrive for Business?
Do I have to have a PC to use OneDrive for business?
How can I sync my files to my device?
How much storage is available in OneDrive for Business?
Is there a maximum number of files which can be synced within my OneDrive for Business folder?
What happens if I delete a file from the sync folder on my device?


Are there any OneDrive for Business videos or tutorials available?
Does Microsoft offer online resources?
I am having issues with OneDrive for Business. Where do I get help?


Can OneDrive for Business do real-time online collaboration?
How can I share my files and folders in OneDrive for Business?
How can I tell who I have shared a document with?
What files can I store in my OneDrive for Business folder?
Who can I share my files with?
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