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Remove Document Markup

Quick Fix

Document Markup Refers to Comments and Tracked Changes. For formatting marks like word_formatting_marks_button.jpg  see: Formatting Marks.

To remove the Document Markup and all previous edits, go to VIEW > TOOLBARS > and check REVIEWING. On the REVIEWING toolbar, there is a button with a blue check mark titled “Accept Change.” Click the black down arrow to the right and choose ACCEPT ALL CHANGES IN DOCUMENT.



Microsoft Word can track changes to your document, which may contain information that you don't want others to see. Do one of the following:

To display tracked changes (tracked change: A mark that shows where a deletion, insertion, or other editing change has been made in a document.) or comments (comment: A note or annotation that an author or reviewer adds to a document. Microsoft Word displays the comment in a balloon in the margin of the document or in the Reviewing Pane.), click Markup on the View menu.

Manually Accept or Reject Individual Changes

1. On the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click Reviewing.
2. On the Reviewing toolbar, click Show, and then make sure that a check mark appears next to each of the following items:

    Ink Annotations (Word 2003 only)
    Insertions and Deletions
    Reviewers (Point to Reviewers and make sure that All Reviewers is selected.)

If a check mark does not appear next to an item, click the item to select it.

3. On the Reviewing toolbar, click Next to advance from one revision or comment to the next.
4. On the Reviewing toolbar, click Accept Change or Reject Change/Delete Comment for each revision or comment.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the revisions in the document have been accepted or rejected and all the comments have been deleted.

Accept All Changes

If you know that you want to accept all the changes, click the arrow next to Accept Change, and then click Accept All Changes in Document. If you know that you want to reject all the changes, click the arrow next to Reject Change/Delete Comment, and then click Reject All Changes in Document. To remove all comments, you must delete them. Click the arrow next to Reject Change/Delete Comment, and then click Delete All Comments in Document.


Clicking Markup on the View menu will show or hide all markup in the document. When you show all markup, all types of markup and all reviewers' names will be selected on the Show menu. If you hide a type of markup by clearing it on the Show menu, the markup automatically appears each time the document is opened unless you clear the Make hidden markup visible when opening or saving check box on the Security tab of the Options dialog box (Tools menu). Even if you clear this check box, the markup is still in the document and can be revealed by selecting the type of markup on the Show menu.

For more information on Tracked Changes or Comments see: tracked_changes

Applies to Microsoft Word 2003.

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