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Change Color Scheme in Office 2013


The Microsoft Office 2013 program while similar to Office 2010 and past versions in many ways can at first glance be visually disorientating for some users. In the case that a user finds the new visual orientation of Office 2010 unsatisfactory the ability to change the color scheme has been built into the software to allow a certain degree of customization.


As noted in the overview section above, the ability to customize the the color scheme/background can be utilized by following the instructions below. Please note that when changing the color scheme/background in any Microsoft Office 2013 product the change will be implemented on all products. Additionally, the change can be applied in any product and the instructions to do so will remain the same. Any discrepancies between the different products will be noted in the individual steps below.

1. Select the 'File' button.



2. Select 'Office Account' (it may also be simply titled 'Account').



3. Select the desired option settings under 'Office Background' and 'Office Theme'. The 'Office Background' setting controls the thematic overlay (usually near the top of Office products) while the 'Office Theme' setting controls the color scheme.


What are the benefits of this feature?

Using this feature allows the user to customize the visual look of Microsoft Office 2013 products.

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