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Create a New Excel Document


This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a spreadsheet in Excel 2013.


After completing this tutorial you will have the ability to create spreadsheets with ease!


Open Excel 2013

Begin by Opening Excel 2013 from either the Office 2013 folder,  or your normal location.


Generally Office 2013 can be found by going to the start menu and selecting "Programs" then select "Microsoft Office 2013" and finally "Excel 2013".


Choosing Your Document  

Upon opening Excel 2013 you will be presented with the start screen for Excel which will look similar to:



Click on "Blank Workbook".


You can also select the most recent files that you have opened on the left, or you can select "Open Other Workbooks" to browse your computer for other files to open in Excel 2013.


Finished! Congratulations, you have created a new workbook!

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