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Outlook Quick Parts

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Describes how to restore Outlook Quick Parts after a workstation refresh.


Outlook has an auto complete feature called quick parts that enables the user to quickly paste frequently used emails into an outlook email. When a user receives a replacement computer, this information will not be restored via the normal data migration process. Here is how to restore quick parts items.

  1. Make sure hidden files and folders are visible on both computers.
  2. On the original computer, navigate to c:\users\name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates. Inside the templates folder, there are two files named "Normal.dotm" and "NormalEmail.dotm." Copy these two files to a destination such as a network drive or thumb drive that will be accessible from the new computer.
  3. On the new computer, navigate to the same destination folder and copy these two files into it, overwriting the files already there.

To verify that the templates have been restored, open a new email, click on the "insert" ribbon, and click on the "quick parts" button. The stored templates should now be visible.



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