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Word 2013 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft Word 2013


Can I convert a Word 2003 file to Word 2013?
Click File > Info > Convert. Click OK to close the message.
Can I create custom margins in my document?
For help creating custom margins in your document please click here.
How do I add formatting to my Word document?
For help formatting your Word document please click here to explore the ribbon options.
How do I change margins, spacing, and indents?
Click on Page Layout in the ribbon to display the Margins, Page Spacing, and the Indents.
How do I create a Table of Contents?
For help creating a Table of Contents, please click here.
How do I create collapsible headings?
To create a collapsible heading, place your cursor in the heading, on the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the dialog box launcher. In the Paragraph dialog box, click the checkbox next to Collapsed by default. Click OK.
How do I insert objects into my Word document?
Use the controls on the Insert tab to add cover pages, tables, pictures, charts, links, bookmarks, cross references and page numbers, drop caps, and more.
How do I view track changes in my document?
To view Track Changes, open the document to be reviewed, click Review and then on the Track Changes button, select Track Changes.
How would I use Track Changes in my document?
For information on using Track Changes in your Word document please click here.
Is it possible to create a resume in Word?
For helpful tips on creating a resume in Word please click here.
Why can't I edit my document converted from PDF?
If the original PDF was created from an image or scan, you will not be able to modify the text.


Things to be aware of ...

  • PDF documents can be created from typing. This type of PDF can be edited after conversion.
  • PDF documents can be created from a scanned image or a "print to PDF" utility. Neither of these formats can be edited after conversion.
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