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Outlook CRM 2015 Installation


This should be installed through the Application Catalog. 


Manual Instructions
The instructions below, are the manual instructions, possibly out dated. If you need to use them, please review with the Configuration Manager before attempting.


  • 2 gigabytes of RAM.
  • Office 2010 or newer.


Please find the installers attached to this article:

For 32-bit Versions of Windows, you will want to use: CRM 2015 i386 Client
For 64-bit versions of Windows, you will want to use: CRM 2015 amd64 Client

  1. Download the installer to either My Documents or your Desktop.
  2. Open the file from the saved location and extract the executable version of the file to this same location.
  3. If you are presented with User Access Control screen, you must enter an Administrator username and password.
  4.  It will come up and ask to be extracted.  Extract the file to your My Documents folder.(Some machines may require a restart in the middle of the install. If so, restart the machine and then the install will continue. )
  5.  After this has installed, go to Start>Programs>  Outlook CRM> Configuration.
  6. Then choose the Add button. The server is
  7.  After you enter this, the CRM user will be prompted for their username and password. Once they enter their credentials, CRM will check the server settings. Once this is completed, you may close out of the CRM Configuration program.
  8. Now, launch Outlook and click on the IWU Production CRM link below all of the archive folders. This may take a moment to load, but when it does you will be prompted for credentials( IWUNET\username and password).
  9. If you run into any errors with this process please contact the Support Center at 2209.
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