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How to use Camtasia Relay (and upload the recorded video to MediaCentral)


Camtasia Relay is a simple-to-use application which allows users to record their screen (i.e., 'screencast') and publish it to the MediaCentral website, . In order to utilize Camtasia Relay it must first be downloaded here, . Please note that logging into requires your IWU username and password.


Steps on using Camtasia Relay to record a screencast and upload it to the MediaCentral site can be found below.



1. After starting Camtasia Relay you will need to log in with your IWU username and password and be sure the 'Presenter' option is selected.


2. Select the red 'rec' button once logged into the Camtasia Relay application.


3. If you have multiple monitors you will need to select the display you wish to record as shown below. Single monitor users will skip this step entirely (and automatically).


4. You will see the box below appear and begin counting down from '3' to '0'. Once the countdown reaches '0' your screen and mouse movements will be recorded exactly as you see it.


5. One you have recorded as much as is needed selected the 'stop' icon on the Camtasia Relay recorder.


6. On the following screen you will need to give the video a title and be sure that the 'Send to My Media in MediaCentral is selected'. Finally you will select the 'Submit' option to upload the screencast to the MediaCentral site. Note: 'Discard' can be selected if you are not satisfied with the screencast and want to record another one.




What's Next

For more information on utilizing the MediaCentral system directly please click on the following link,

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