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Convert PDF to JPG

There are several ways to convert a PDF document into a JPG image file. One option is to copy the image into Microsoft Paint and save it as a JPG file. A quicker alternative is to use the PDF2JPG utility which allows you to right-click on a PDF and choose "Convert to JPG". 

Install PDF2JPG

Go to START > Control Panel > Run Advertised Programs and double-click "IWU PDF2JPG" in the list of available software programs (instructions for Windows 7 here). Check the box to "Run program automatically when download completes" and click the Download button. Once the program is installed (should only take a few minutes), you'll be ready to start converting PDF documents into JPG images.

Convert a PDF

  1. Place your document in the scanner and scan it as you normally would. The scanner will send you an email message with a PDF of the scanned document attached. 
  2. Open Outlook and locate the message.
  3. Right-click on the attachment at the top of the email and choose "Save As..."
  4. Save the PDF attachment somewhere you will be able to find it, such as your My Documents folder.
  5. Open your My Documents folder, right-click on the file and choose "Convert to JPG"


The PDF document will be converted into a JPG image with the same name and will be placed in the same folder.

Note: These instructions apply to Windows 7, Vista, or XP. For instructions on Mac OS X, please contact the IT Call Center.



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