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Removing a Virus

If you think that your computer has a virus, these steps will help you scan and clean your computer. If you need any assistance with these directions, contact the IWU Call Center at extension 2209.

Disconnect Network

The first step is to disconnect your computer from the IWU network. This will prevent the virus from downloading additional infected files or spreading to other computers. To disconnect your computer, you will need to unplug the network cable and/or turn off the wireless network card.

Restart in Safe Mode

Next you will need to restart your computer in “Safe Mode.” To do this, simply turn off your computer then turn it back on. While the machine is booting up, tap the F8 key (you may have to tap F8 several times) until you see a screen asking how you would like to start Windows. Select the “Start Windows in Safe Mode” option and then log into Windows as you normally would.

Scan with Symantec Antivirus

In order to remove the virus, you will need to open “Symantec Antivirus.” Go to the START menu and click PROGRAMS. Locate “Symantec Client Security” in the list and then click on “Symantec Antivirus.” After the program opens, select “Scan” or “Full Scan” from the menu to scan your computer for viruses.

Screenshot Screenshot

Review Results

Once the scan is complete you will see a list of all infected files found. Under the “Actions Taken” column, make sure that all infected files were either deleted or quarantined. If any infected files were found, restart the computer in Safe Mode again and re-run the scan. Repeat these steps until no infected files are detected.

Applies To: Traditional Students

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