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Software Center Update Notification


Explains how to complete a self-paced learning exercise using a feature in the product.


Explain the Software update process.


First Step

1.) You will see an indicator in the bottom right corner indicating that there are updates that need to be applied.

2.) After clicking on the notification you will see the screen below.

Software Center Changes Screen.png

3.) You can choose to install the updates immediately and you will be prompted to restart when they are done installing.

4.) You can choose to install them after your normal work hours, which will require you leave your computer on and logged in with your screen locked.

5.) If you want the system to reboot without prompting you once the updates are done you can place a check mark in the "Restart my computer automatically if needed" box


If you would like to see what updates are being installed you can click on  "View details" next to Required Changes.  You will see a screen similar to the one below.

Software Center Details screen.png


You can also choose to have the notification come back later by clicking the "Remind me Later" button.

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