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Getting Started


Explains what Workstation Backup Scheduler is and how it works.



Most people will quickly agree that backing up documents is very important. The work you do for IWU is valuable and your files should be protected. But maintaining a regular backup is often seen as a nuisance and is frequently neglected until after a disaster has occurred. Consider the following scenarios:

  • You slip on the ice on your way in to work. Your laptop computer strikes the ground, damaging the hard drive that stores all of your files.
  • An unexpected power outage occurs while you are typing a long document. When you reopen the document, you get nothing but a cryptic error message.
  • Your laptop computer is stolen from the back seat of your vehicle.


Hopefully you will never encounter one of these disasters, but keeping a regular backup copy of your files can help to minimize the frustration and pain if you do. To make this chore a little easier, your IWU computer has been configured with Workstation Backup Scheduler.


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