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How It Works


Describes how the Workstation Backup Scheduler works to keep your data backed up.



Workstation Backup Scheduler is designed to provide flexibility while supporting Indiana Wesleyan University’s current data backup policy. It provides an efficient and easy to use interface to make backing up your IWU work documents simple and to allow quick review of your computer’s backup status so that you can ensure your data is protected.

There are several methods for data backup. Workstation Backup Scheduler uses a synchronization model that creates and maintains a single copy of your files and stores them in your IWU Home Folder (see Your Home Folder). The first time that a backup is performed, it may take a long time. However, subsequent attempts will be completed very quickly as only the files that you have added or modified will be copied.  

Workstation Backup Scheduler is best used by setting up a recurring automatic backup (see Scheduled Backup), but can also be used to perform backups on-demand (see One-Time Backup).

 Of course, any solution is capable of mistakes. Using Workstation Backup Scheduler does not guarantee that your files are being successfully backed up. Always remember to check your files after each backup to ensure that all have been copied correctly.

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