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Opening Workstation Backup Scheduler


Explains where to find the Workstation Backup Scheduler on your computer and how to open it for the first time.


There are several ways to open the Workstation Backup Scheduler program. The first time that you open the program, you must access it using the Windows Start Menu. You can either go to START > All Programs > Workstation Backup Scheduler, or go to START and type “worksta” in the search box and select Workstation Backup Scheduler from the search results (Windows 7). 

After opening Workstation Backup Scheduler for the first time, it will always appear in the system tray as a round, green icon. You can open the program by double-clicking the icon or by right-clicking and selecting “Show” from the menu.


Scheduled Backup
A scheduled backup is automatically enabled the first time that you open Workstation Backup Scheduler (see Scheduled Backup).

What's Next

Configure your automatic scheduled backup to ensure that your documents are continuously backed up.

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