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Your Home Folder


Explains where your data is backed up to and how to access it.

Your Home Folder


In keeping with Indiana Wesleyan University’s current policy regarding data backup, all files that you backup using Workstation Backup Scheduler will be stored in your network Home Folder. The Home Folder is a special folder on one of the University’s servers which only you can access. It is specifically intended for you to use as a place to keep backup copies of IWU work related documents. It is not intended for storing personal data such as music or family photos.


You can access your Home Folder by opening Workstation Backup Scheduler and clicking the “View Backup Files” button. Alternatively, you can access your Home Folder by opening My Computer and double-clicking the N:\ drive or by typing “N:\” in the address bar in Windows Explorer.  

Because the Home Folder is secured so that only you can access it, you will not be able to view files in your Home Folder from other computers without first logging in with your IWU network username and password. 


All Home Folders are currently located on one of the University's servers and can only be accessed while connected to the IWU network at the Marion campus, from a regional education center, or using a secured VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection (see Why can’t I backup my files over VPN?). 

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