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One-time Backup


Explains how to perform an immediate, one-time backup.

One-time Backup

Even if you’ve scheduled an automatic backup, there may be times when you need to force a backup outside of the schedule. Performing a one-time backup ensures that you have the most recent version of your files backed up. Some examples of when you may want to run a one-time backup include:

  • Before leaving on an extended vacation
  • After creating or modifying a large number of files
  • After working on an important document
  • If a scheduled backup was missed because the computer was turned off


After performing a one-time backup, Workstation Backup Scheduler will not attempt any additional backups scheduled for later that day. The schedule will resume the next day. However, a one-time backup will always occur immediately when you click the “Backup Now” button regardless of whether or not a scheduled backup has already occurred that day.



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