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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Options for One-time Backup


Describes in detail the available settings when performing a one-time backup.


Because a one-time backup occurs immediately, there are very few options to review. Both one-time and scheduled backups function in the same way and can be adjusted in the Advanced Options window. However, the advanced options have been tuned to provide the best backup experience and should rarely be changed from the default values.

What to Backup

Select the locations you would like to backup from the list of available operations. This option functions the same as when scheduling an automatic backup (see Scheduled Backup Options). Check the boxes next to the folders that you would like to backup and uncheck the boxes next to any folder that you would like to skip.


The destination is determined globally and cannot be changed. The files you select for backup will always be copied to your IWU Home Folder (see Your Home Folder).


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