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Performing a One-time Backup


Explains how to initiate an immediate backup with Workstation Backup Scheduler.


To start a one-time backup, follow these quick steps:

  • Open Workstation Backup Scheduler (see Opening Workstation Backup Scheduler)
  • Click on the “One-Time Backup” tab at the top
  • Click the words “Select All” to quickly check all available boxes
  • Click the “Backup Now” button
  • Confirm that you want to start the backup immediately by clicking “Ok”

The backup will begin immediately after you click “Ok” and will display its progress as your files are being copied. If you hide the progress window by clicking the “Hide” button, the backup will continue running invisibly in the background.

What's Next

Review the results of the one-time backup to make sure that your data has been correctly backed up.

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