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Your Current Status


Workstation Backup Scheduler’s Status tab provides information to help you quickly determine if a problem has occurred.

Status Indicator

A simple indicator at the top of the tab shows the system’s overall backup state. A green icon with “Status: OK” means that a backup (either scheduled or one-time) was successfully completed sometime in the last week. A yellow icon with “Status: Warning” means that no successful backup has been completed for more than one week. A red icon with “Status: Critical” means that no successful backup has been completed for more than four (4) weeks.

Last Backup

The result of the most recent attempted backup is displayed here. It will either be “Success” (indicating that the backup completed and some files were copied) or “Failure” (indicating that the backup was not attempted or that an error occurred while copying the files).


A “successful” backup does not always mean that all files were correctly copied, only that the backup operation completed without any obvious errors. Make sure to view your backup files to ensure that they were copied correctly.

Last Successful Backup

The date that the last successful backup occurred is displayed here. The closer this is to the current date and time, the more reliable your backup data will be.

Next Scheduled Backup

If you have scheduled an automatic backup, the anticipated date and time the next backup will be attempted is displayed here. If the field is blank, it means that the automatic backup has been disabled (see Scheduling a Backup to re-enable it).

Status Message

The result of the most recent attempted backup will be described in more detail in a box just below the Next Scheduled Backup date. You can click on the box to view an explanation of the message.
See Backup Status Messages for a list of status messages and what they mean.
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