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Options for Scheduled Backup


Describes the options available for customizing the scheduled backup.


The following options allow you to customize the scheduled backup to fit your needs.

When to Backup

The automatic backup will be attempted once on each day of the week that is selected (checked) in this list. You can specify the time of day to attempt the backup in the box just below the days of the week. Remember, the backup will only be successful if your computer is turned on and connected to the IWU network during that time. If Workstation Backup Scheduler is not able to attempt the backup at the scheduled time, it will continue to try for up to one (1) hour afterward. If the backup fails, it will wait for the next scheduled time.


Maximum and Minimum Interval
A scheduled backup cannot occur more frequently than once a day or less frequently than once a week.

What to Backup

Select the locations you would like to backup from the list of available operations. Check the box to the left of the items that you do want to backup and uncheck the box to the left of the items that you do not want to backup. Only supported document locations are available to be selected. However, any subfolders placed inside of one of these locations will also be backed up.


The destination is determined globally and cannot be changed. The files you select for backup will always be copied to your IWU Home Folder (see Your Home Folder).


Excluded Folders
Some folders (such as the My Music folder) have been intentionally excluded from the backup to save storage space.

Disable Automatic Backup

Check this box to disable the automatic scheduled backup. Although this is not recommended, there may be circumstances in which an automatic backup is not desired. To re-enable the scheduled backup with the default settings, simply uncheck this box.


If this box is checked, your files will not be backed up automatically.
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