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Scheduling a Backup


Explains how to schedule an automatic backup using Workstation Backup Scheduler.


To setup a scheduled backup, follow these quick steps:

  • Open Workstation Backup Scheduler (see Opening Workstation Backup Scheduler)
  • Click on the Automatic Backup  tab at the top
  • Click the words Use Default Settings to select the default schedule or modify the schedule as needed (see Options for Scheduled Backup)
  • Select all of the folders you’d like to backup in the What to Backup list
  • Click the Save Schedule button to save your changes


The schedule will take effect immediately. When the scheduled time occurs, you will see a system alert pop-up near the computer’s clock with the message “A system backup is about to begin”. The alert will disappear automatically and the backup will begin one minute later. No progress will be displayed while the files are being copied, but another system alert will appear once the backup is complete.

What's Next

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