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Polling Interval


Describes in detail the Polling Interval setting.



The polling interval determines the frequency in milliseconds that Workstation Backup Scheduler checks to see if it is time for a scheduled backup. The recommended default value is 30,000 (30 seconds). Increasing the value will slightly reduce the amount of CPU usage by causing the application to remain idle for longer periods of time; however it will also reduce the accuracy so that the backup may not occur at the specified time and increases the chance that the scheduled backup will be missed entirely. The polling interval does not affect one-time backups.


Edit section

The following restrictions must be considered when modifying this setting:

  • The value must be a number in milliseconds
  • The value must not include any comma separators
  • Workstation Backup Scheduler will attempt to perform the backup up to one hour after the scheduled time. If the polling interval is longer than one hour, it may occur before and after the scheduled window, never initiating a backup.
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