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Robocopy Log Path


Describes in detail the Robocopy Log Path setting.

Robocopy Log Path


The value of this setting determines the location and name of the log files generated during the backup. A separate log file will be created for each of the base folders that are backed up (e.g. Desktop, Documents, Favorites) and will be placed within the destination folder along with the files that were copied. The log file will be overwritten during every backup.


The following restrictions must be considered when modifying this setting:
  • The value must represent a relative path. A full path (e.g. “c:\myfolder\backup.log”) is not allowed and will result in an error.
  • The log file may be placed in a subfolder of the destination folder as long as the folder already exists. To do so, enter the folder name(s) and file name separated by backslashes (e.g. “LogFiles\backup.log”).
  • The file extension is not required, but it is recommended that a standard text file extension be added to the name of the file (.log, .txt, etc…).
  • The Workstation Backup Scheduler must have both read and write permissions to the indicated location.
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