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Describes in detail the Timeout setting.


The timeout value represents the length of time in milliseconds that Workstation Backup Scheduler will wait for an individual backup action to occur. The recommended default value is 7,200,000 (2 hours). After the timeout period has expired, if the backup action still has not completed, Workstation Backup Scheduler will assume that Robocopy is not responding and will attempt to kill the process. It will also report that the backup operation failed and move on to attempt any remaining backup operations.


The following restrictions must be considered when modifying this setting:
  • The value must be a number in milliseconds
  • The value must not include any comma separators
  • The length of time required to perform a backup operation is determined by the amount of files that need to be copied. If the timeout value is set lower than the time required to copy the files, the backup will be aborted before completing. 
  • If the timeout value is too high, the backup will not be aborted even when an error occurs, causing Workstation Backup Scheduler to hang.
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