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Upgrade Adobe Connect


Explains how to complete a self-paced learning exercise using a feature in the product.


  1. Arrange with System Admin team to have a VM snapshot taken of Saffron in the evening after classes/meetings have ended (~10:30PM ET).
  2. When snapshot creation begins, back up the SQL database with SSMS.
  3. Back up custom.ini , D:\Connect\content and CQ folders if we have custom event templates
    Note:  The CQ and content folders are too large to make copies of.  The VM snapshot covers those for you.
  4. Run installation exe as administrator and follow prompts.
    1. Enter for any or all URL prompts.  May only get this on major upgrades
  5. Select the top four installation components (Connect, CQ Author, CQ Publisher, Telephony?).
  6. Major & Minor Version upgrades can take 1-2 hours
    The installer includes a LARGE amount of wait/sleep time while deploying services.
    DO NOT kill the process if the server appears to be idle.  Instead, monitor the log file located in the same directory as the installer you ran to see that it's progressing.  Even this file could remain unchanged for 10+ minutes.
  7. Once process is complete, test by logging in to and loading an existing meeting, event, & seminar.
  8. Finally, test the event & email template sections to make sure the large frame loads its dynamic content instead of displaying an error.
  9. If everything works, contact IMT to have them verify as well.
  10. If no problems are identified, notify System Admin to remove the VM snapshot

Other Considerations

Check database version using:

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