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Combined Courses (for IWU Regional Education Centers)


Download this guide to combined courses using Adobe Connect as a PDF.


Instructions and best-practices for using Adobe Connect for combined courses at IWU Adult Education Centers.

IWU Education Centers with a specially configured “online classroom” have been provided with the necessary equipment in order to conduct a combined course, where the students at one IWU Education Center can experience limited interaction with the students (and instructor) at another IWU Education Center, and vice-versa.

NOTE: The methods outlined in this document are NOT for combining on-site courses with online courses, i.e. allowing a student to remotely participate in an on-site course, without being present at an IWU Education Center.


Table of Contents:

1. Preparing for a Combined Course in Adobe Connect

2. Preparing for a Combined Course in the classroom

3. Conducting a Combined Course




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