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2. Preparing for a Combined Course in the classroom



Each Education Center must have either an instructor or staff-person present on-site for the duration of each class time, to ensure a successful combined course experience for the students. This system is NOT intended to be used (in the manner described here) without continuous staff or instructor supervision.


At your IWU Education Center, at least one room has been configured as an “online classroom.” Specially selected hardware has been installed for the purpose of facilitating a multi-site, combined course at your location. This equipment consists of: the standard teaching station equipment (PC, monitor, projector, speakers, etc.), a document camera that functions as a webcam, and wireless microphones (that are probably kept in your office or at the front desk). These instructions will cover how to set this equipment up before each class session.



  1. Remove the two microphones from their charging dock, and bring them to the classroom. Note that the microphones will ONLY work in the designated “online classroom.”
  2. Place the microphones on the desks or on the tables in the room in a manner that suits the size and format of the class (for example, place one microphone fairly close to where the instructor sits or stands, and place the other microphone in the center, where the students will be seated).
  3. Once the microphones are in the room, it will take a moment before they “turn on” and sync with the room. Once they do, they will initially blink two red flashes every few seconds. This indicates that the microphones are muted. Click the button on the microphones once each. They should now blink green, once every few seconds. This indicates that the microphones are turned on, connected to the room, and ready to use.


  1. The Samsung/Hover camera will be used to visually capture the room at your site, for the benefit of those at the other location. The “head” of the camera can swivel, tilt, swing and rotate. Feel free to move it appropriately so that it is directed at the instructor, the students, or (ideally) both.
  2. The camera will need to be powered on before Adobe Connect is launched on the computer. The ring around the power button will turn blue when the camera is turned on.
  3. If desired during the course, the camera can also be used to capture documents and printed materials by aiming it downwards again.

Teaching Station

  1. As with most classes, the teaching station will need to be turned on, which will power on the projector, speakers, and other connected classroom equipment. The PC in the teaching station may need to be powered on separately.
  2. The volume on the computer will need to be turned up, and the volume knob on the cart will need to be turned up as well.


Open the browser to, and login using the regional site username and password that you have been provided. Once logged in, if the “Home” tab is selected at the top of the window, you should see a list of Adobe Connect meetings (if more than one) listed with an “Open” button located next to each one. Click “Open” that is next to the appropriate Adobe Connect “room”.  

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