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Troubleshooting Adobe Connect


This page lists common problems which clients may encounter when using Adobe Connect, and their solutions or workarounds.

User is repeatedly disconnected from the meeting

Refer to the following link for a list of checklist of best practices to follow to avoid being disconnected from a meeting in Adobe Connect:

Adobe Connect add-in fails to launch when using Google Chrome

Even though the user may have the Adobe Connect add-in installed (which is required if the user intends to use certain features in Adobe Connect), the latest versions of Google Chrome fail to launch the meeting in the add-in rather than the browser. Although the next update for Adobe Connect should resolve this issue, a temporary work-around for this issue is as follows:

  1. Type  chrome://plugins  in a browser tab.

  2. Expand "Details" in the upper-right area of the screen.

  3. Click "Disable" for the PPAPI Flash plug-in. Ensure that the NPAPI Flash plug-in listed below the PPAPI Flash plug-in is not disabled.

More info on this issue is available here:

PowerPoint presentations (.PPTX files) are not displaying correctly

When uploading content to the Adobe Connect Meeting Room, save the PPTX as a PPT and then upload the PPT file.

User cannot log in with their existing username/password

Some users are occasionally having this issue, especially if their username has been changed at some point during their employment at the university. If this happens, contact a member of the Data Center Administration team, at x4111, to verify the user's credentials in the database.

Messsage "Network Error" received when attempting to log on with the Adobe Connect Mobile app

When using the Adobe Connect Mobile App for iOS or Android, users must make sure that the "Secure Login" box is NOT checked (it IS checked by default). If users attempt to log in with "Secure Login" checked, they will receive the "Network Error" message.




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