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ALL - NetBackup Upgrade from 7.0.1 to 7.5 Problem

ISSUE: After upgrade to NB7.5 DSSU duplication fails with status 228


ENVIRONMENT/CONDITIONS: Win2k3 Master/Media server upgraded from
NetBackup 7.0.1 to 7.5GA when the problem started.



After upgrade to NB7.5 all DSSU duplication jobs fail shortly after initial execution with Status Code 228.


NBSU data provided indicates that both phases of catalog migration performed by the NB7.5 upgrade have completed successfully:


"D:\Program Files\Veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd\nbemmcmd" -listsettings -machinename Purple:


"D:\Program Files\Veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd\bpgetconfig"


However, nbemmcmd -listhost and bpgetconfig show a disparity between the server naming:


 "D:\Program Files\Veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd\bpgetconfig"
SERVER = purple


"D:\Program Files\Veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd\nbemmcmd" -listhosts
NBEMMCMD, Version: 7.5
The following hosts were found:
server           Purple
master           Purple


ET2726431 describes the same errors, indicating that nbpem makes the request to check for upgrade completion status using a case sensitive query, triggering a failure based on the inconsistent case usage, causing nbpem to report that the 7.5 catalog migration has not yet completed.


EEB2726431 provides an updated nbpem binary to modify the query to ignore case, allowing it to successfully report the migration status.


The EEB was delivered and installed, though after a restart of services ASA failed to successfully start, triggering all queries made to NBDB via nbemm to fail with EMM status 334.


EEB2726431  was then removed from the master server, though the ASA start-up failure was still occurring. While investigating the ASA configuration we determined that the databases.conf file was improperly modified, listing the entries for NBAZDB and BMRDB on the same line, though all other syntax within the file was correct. After correcting databases.conf all expected services started without issue and functionality was restored, though DSSU duplication still failed.


Verified that the nbpem logs at the time of DSSU relocation failure exhibited the failure progression as outlined in ET2726431 and re-applied the hot fix.


The EEB installer did not modify the databases.conf file, but the supplied nbpem binary was then able to successfully query the migration status despite the environment's naming convention and released DSSU relocation for processing without error.


No further issues reported.

REFERENCE: ET2726431 via TECH184626

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