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OPAL - Status Error 83

Error Number

Error 83 Shows on NetBackup Administration Activity Monitor.




OPAL has errored off.  Backups have not completed.

83 error was listed on another server showing in the Activity Monitor with message reading cleaning attemped but failed.

One of the tape drives also shows it is down.


This suggests that one of the cleaning tapes has zero cleanings remaining.  The system is set to have two cleaning tapes in the library.  The tape 34 is the primary cleaning tape.  The secondary tape is 184.  Check to see the number of cleanings left on both tapes.  Generally, tape 34 will have 0 cleanings left.  Make note of the number of cleanings left on tape 184.

If tape 34 is set to 0 cleanings remaining then delete tapes 34 and 184.  Remove the label from tape 34 and discard.  Take the cleaning tape previously labeled as 184 and change the label so that this tape is now listed as tape 34.  Then take the label 184 and place this on a new cleaning tape.  Place these back into the library by returning them to the 136T and running an inventory.

After the tapes have been returned to the inventory you will need to change the number of cleanings available for each tape.  For tape 34 – you need to change to the number of cleanings that were left on the previous tape 184.  For tape 184 you need to add 20 cleanings to this tape (total number available on each new tape).  To do this:

  • Find tape listed in library
  • Right Click
  • Properties – Double click
  • No of cleanings remaining – 20 for new tape and number of cleanings from previous 184 tape on the now changed 34.

Now check OPAL and three drives.  If drive was showing as down previously then highlight and move to UPDRIVE then on that drive right click > cleaning> clean now.


History of Document

Created      9/9/10

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