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PURPLE - Changing Tapes in i500

Process Steps

Remote to PURPLE

Open NetBackup Administration Console

Go to Media > Volume Pools > NetBackup to see list of tapes

Print list of tapes

For the i500 check for LTD tapes or those with numbers only (Not VTD###)

If the detail is not listed for this tape it is a scratch tape and available for use.

Next from the administration console go to robots > TLD (1) to see the lists of tapes in robot (34 maximum tapes)

To choose the tapes to eject sort by the date of expiration farthest out (this will just have been written to and will be kept the longest) to eject.  As an example a tape kept for 6 months should be stored in  Facilities rather than the robot – perfect choice to eject this one.  Highlight the tapes you wish to eject and right click to choose “Eject Volume from Robot”

Note:  The cartridge only holds 6 tapes at a time.  If you need to change more than this you must do the process twice.

A screen will pop up showing Eject Volumes.  You need to wait until the location of the tape is chosen.   When the slot location shows for all tapes selected hit the eject button.  When this process is complete another box will show up asking if you want to complete the process.  Before you respond to this check the cartridge and remove any tapes from robot.  Then you can complete the process and it should update with the number of tapes now in the robot.

Go back to NetBackup to close

Insert new tapes

Tap screen and choose library button and enter

After inserting tapes return to Netbackup administrative console – Highlight robot TLD (1) and right click – choose “Inventory robot.”.    When correctly completed the robot should  show 34 volumes in Robot and volume pools Netbackup, Exchange andCatalogBackup showing as available.

Document History


Document created      9/27/2011

Document revised :    7/20/2012

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