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PURPLE - DXi7500 Support Call


Response to email alert sent to sysadmin team and


Examp0le of alert:



    SR Ticket Number: 115

    SR Serial Number: CX0844BVB00306

    SR Problem Summary: storage subsystem chassis QARRAY1 :  storage subsystem alarm TRAY_85_SLOT_1 : Needs attention

    SR Problem Code: 0312 : 124

    SR Error Code: Needs attention

    SR Severity: 1

    SR Notes: The Alarm TRAY_85_SLOT_1 has generated a warning condition



These are the steps to resolve the problem. Describe fixes for known errors and give error recovery steps. Offer actions to correct the problem. 

After receipt of email alert:

  1. First step is to call Quantum re service request at 800-284-5101 or 800-827-3822.
  2. You will need service tag from the DXi7500.  Ours is CX0844BVB00306
  3. Open call and record number
  4. Second step is to go to for the Quantum Administrator Login screen
  5. Password for this is password
  6. Go to Utilities tab > Diagnostics tab>Systems> Generate New tab and then
  7. Same thing but to Download current tab
  8. Third step is to FTP these files to Quantum (note you must have installed FTP manager on your computer) (Bill V uses ws_ftp le.  These are too big to be sent as attachments.
  9. Upload and dispatch to Quantum
  10. Information from Quantum re process:
    1. This is the login and password information to the server to upload files using anonymous FTP.  You may use a GUI(FileZilla, WinSCP, etc) or you may access using the command line.
    2. If you are using a GUI please be sure to check ANONYMOUS for your transfer
    3. The address to connect to is ftp
    4. The login will be "anonymous" and the password will be your email address.
    5. After you establish your connection you will need to change directories to upload your file(s).
      1. ftp>cd incoming/SR1429404  (This is the number of the service call from above)
      2. ftp>mput 'fileA''fileB' etc.
    6. Once you have completed your upload you can use disconnect option in your GUI or with the 'quit' or 'bye' command from the CLI.
    7. All input is case sensitive
    8. They will respond affter analyzing the file with instructions for the next step.


Jason Lowmiller viewed document for clarity.

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