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PURPLE - New Tapes for the i500


We use Quantum Ultrium 4 Data Cartridges (800/1600 GB).  They are stored in a cubicle in the ITS building.



When new tapes are inserted into the robot on the i500 you must first put the correct label on the tape.  Currently, the next new tape will be #109 (5/22/13). 

Once a label is on and space created for them in the library - insert them into the robot.

  • At the console choose the option Library A and the button Apply.  You will need to sign in at that point.  The USER ID is admin and the password is password.
  • Touch the tab along the top of the next screen that says OPERATIONS. 
  • This will open to a screen where you choose the button IMPORT MEDIA.
  • Once this step completes a list of tapes should appear.  Select each one and APPLY
  • You may need to APPLY again but it will say importing new tape

At the Administration console desktop connection for PURPLE choose under the inventory for tapes refresh the contents of the robot.  The new tapes should show up with the corresponding tape numbers.  The standard pool chosen for new tapes is NetBackup.  If these tapes are to be used for Exchange or Catalog purposes you must highlight the specific tape and double click.  This brings up information regarding the tape and you can choose to change the volume pool at that time.  When you refresh the screen again it should show up with the new tape matching the selected volume pool.


Cleaning Tapes:


To insert new cleaning tapes you must first eject the old tapes.  When that is done you will need to remove the label from the old tape to use on the new tape. Generally we use tape #34 and #83 for cleaning.  Once these have been re-inserted in the robot you need to update the and the inventory run you will need to change the number of the cleanings available on the tape to 20.



Marcia Moon



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