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PURPLE - Status Error 14


This is an error with the Catalog backup


If we receive an error 14 regarding catalog on PURPLE the following needs to be understood.

The catalog script file for PURPLE is backed up to OPAL.  The file is being stored on PYRITE.


There are two files:  Catalog_Full and Catalog_Incr

Bill VanHaften had to change the policy of CATALOG to another name to sign in. 

Find the policy.  Double click on the policy. Click on Disaster Recovery Tab.  See the path and log in.  Change the login to a current login to someone who has rights on the path.  Path in this case was \\pyrite\catalog_backup\

You have to change the log in to a current path to someone who has permissions to the folder and is current.

You have to go on PYRITE and right click on the catalog backup under C drive and make sure whoever does this have permssions to folders.  Once those are all set they should work. 


You can check this by doing a manual backup of this and checking


Information from Bill VanHaften on 7/17/12

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