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This document will walk you through the process of updating your faculty profile information using the Faculty Profile and Scholarship web form. The Faculty Profile form allows you to enter and update your biographical information and scholarship interests as well as upload your vitae and scholarship artifacts. Additionally, you can view your employee information and faculty photo as it is stored in Datatel.


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Logging In

Click Here. Enter your IWU network username and password. 

Then click “Log In”.

What if I can’t log in?

Details regarding permissions to this system are currently being finalized…

Updating Your Profile

Clicking the tabs will allow you to edit the information for that section; however not all information can be edited using the Faculty Profile form. See the sections below for details on how to have uneditable sections updated.


From the Biographical tab you can update your Biographical sketch, Scholarship and Research Interests and provide a link to your personal website or blog.


To edit your Biographical information, click the ‘Click to Edit’ link in the upper right corner of the Biographical pane.

Use the editors that appear to update your info and perform basic text formatting functions like bold, italicize and underline.


Once edits are complete, click the ‘Save’ link in the bottom left of the Biographical pane. Saving content immediately publishes it to the website; any edits you make will be made live as soon as you click Save. If you wish to cancel and disregard any edits you’ve made, click the ‘Cancel’ link.


Selecting the ‘Artifacts’ tab will display links to any artifacts already uploaded to the Faculty Profile as well as present options for adding new artifacts.

Adding an Artifact

To upload a new artifact click the ‘Add New Artifact’ link at the lower left corner of the Artifacts pane. The Upload Artifact form will appear:

For each artifact, enter the following information:

TYPE – Select from: Presentation, Publication, Book, Composition, Other

TITLE – Provide a title for your Artifact.

LOCATION – (If relevant) describe where the presentation given.

DATE – (If relevant) click the calendar icon and select when the artifact was presented, published, or written.

ARTIFACT FILE – Browse for the file you wish to upload. (Note: Only PDF files may be uploaded at this time.)

DISCIPLINE –Select all the disciplines that apply to your artifact.

After the necessary information has been provided, click the ‘Save’ link to complete the saving and uploading of the artifact. You should now be able to see the artifact listed in the Artifacts pane. Clicking on it will show the information for that artifact.

Viewing and Deleting

The Artifacts pane shows you a list of your currently uploaded artifacts. Clicking an item in the list displays the
information for that artifact

For each artifact, you have the option to ‘View Artifact’ and ‘Delete Artifact’. Viewing the artifact allows you to view the PDF version of this artifact. Selecting ‘Delete Artifact’ allows you to remove the artifact from the system.


Selecting the ‘Vitae’ tab allows you to upload and view your current vitae.


To upload a new vitae, click on the ‘Upload New Vitae’ link in the bottom left of the Vitae pane. You will be presented with a button to choose a new PDF file to upload.
Once a file has been selected, click ‘Save’ to upload and save the PDF file. It should now be listed in your Vitae pane.


If you have an uploaded vitae, you may view it at any time by selecting the Vitae tab and clicking the file listed under ‘Your Current Vitae’.

Employee Info

Selecting the ‘Employee Info’ tab allows you to view your current employee information relevant to the faculty profile.

This information is pulled directly from Datatel and, for the sake of data integrity, is not directly editable from this from.
If any information on the Employee Info pane is incorrect, please contact the Human Resources department at


Selecting the ‘Photo’ tab allows you to view the photo currently associated with your profile. This photo is pulled
directly from Datatel and cannot be modified using this form.

Getting a New Photo

If you would like to add or change your photo, please contact the Marketing department to schedule a photo session with their photographer. Then submit that photo to the web team here:

This process ensures that all IWU faculty have professional quality photos for display on the public website.

Log Out

When you are finished updating our Faculty information, don’t forget to logout by clicking the ‘Logout’ link in the top right corner of the page.


If you have any questions about this process or are having technical difficulties, please contact the web team at:

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