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False Single-Sign-On Error in ePortfolio Tab

Your ePortfolio credentials must match your Blackboard credentials exactly. If they do not, it can result in a False Single Sign on error message on your Blackboard ePortfolio tab.
This error can also occur if your Program Coordinator has not yet set up your account for you or if you recently had a name change or changed your log in password for Blackboard.
Here are the steps to take for resolution:
1.       If you have never used the new ePortfolio before, contact your Instructor or Program Director to request your ePortfolio log in information.
a.       They will need your name, e-mail address and Cohort ID
                                                              i.      They may forward this to your Program Coordinator to do for you.
2.       If you have used the new ePortfolio before, but are receiving the False Single Sign on message, go to and try to log in using your Blackboard log in information.
3.       If this does not work, select the RECOVER PASSWORD button and type in the username you use for Blackboard. Then Click the EMAIL ME MY PASSWORD button.
4.       This should result in an e-mail which contains your ePortfolio username and password and it will typically go to your IWU Student e-mail account.
a.       If no e-mail comes after about 15 minutes, please contact your Program Director or Coordinator and have them check your ePortfolio account set up to ensure it includes your correct e-mail address.
5.       Once you have your ePortfolio credentials, log into the ePortfolio using the new credentials and the URL from step 2 above.
6.       Reset your password using the drop down menu by your name at the top right of your ePortfolio window.
a.       Set it to match Blackboard and then your ePortfolio tab will work again assuming you have a current course assignment which uses the ePortfolio.
b.      NOTE: you can always use the above URL to access your ePortfolio.
Once you are logged into your ePortfolio, there is a full Candidate Orientation video available at:

If these steps do not resolve this error for you, please log an ePortfolio ticket at

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