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How to Access WebNow


WebNow is a web-based program that allows users to access University documents stored electronically.  This document provides guidelines on accessing and using WebNow.

WebNow and ImageNow are often confused with each other.  These two products are very similar – both allow users to search and access documents, use workflows, stamps and sticky notes and archive or delete documents.  The differences are described below:

  1. ImageNow is installed on specific computers, allowing users to scan and link documents.  Only users who have this installed on their computers can access ImageNow.  Users who have ImageNow should not use WebNow, as all the functions of WebNow are found in ImageNow.
  2. WebNow is accessed through the web.  This is for users who do not have ImageNow installed on their computers.  WebNow users cannot scan and link documents.



To get started...

  1. Open up a browser (use either Internet Explorer or Firefox).
  2. Go to One does not have to be connected to the IWU network to access WebNow.
  3. Java needs to run before the program opens. If your version of Java is out of date, you will be prompted to update to a more recent version. Contact the Support Center at x2209 for assistance.
  4. Use your network login and password in the WebNow login screen.
  5. Click on the Connect button.
  6. See your supervisor for specific training in your office's procedures.

What's Next

There is a limited number of WebNow licenses, so users should log out when they are finished with their work. Logging out allows other users access to WebNow. Users who have an inactive session lasting one hour will automatically be logged out (see WebNow Access Policy).

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