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Network Connection Error/Socket Exception Error


Occasionally, WebNow users will receive one of the following errors:

  • Network Connection Error
  • Socket Exception Error

This article cover's how to resolve these errors.

Error Message

  • "A Network Connection error has occurred" 
  • "A Socket Exception has occurred"


Both error messages are related to WebNow, and the individual’s Tomcat session on the WebNow server. The Tomcat session is tied to the user name and the users IP address and when it locks, it is locked for that user on that IP address. This explains why a user can log on to WebNow successfully on another computer and why other people can log on successfully on the users’ computer.

Restarting the Tomcat services releases the locked session and allows the user to log back in to WebNow on their own computer. There is no explained logic behind why some users have a problem and others do not.

Instructions on how to resolve either error message:

  • Send an email to
  • Type “WebNow: Socket Exception Error” or “WebNow: Network Connection Error” in the subject line.
  • Cut and paste the following content in the body of the message: I am receiving the following error message: (insert appropriate error message) after logging in to WebNow. Thank you.
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