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You do not have the necessary privileges


When a customer fills out an eForm on the Portal and receivings the following error message, it will not let the person submit the form.



This error occurs when a new eForm uses an ImageNow drawer that has been used for a form before. Once this security is set up on the drawer, it does not need to be done again.

Root Cause

This issue is caused by the security not being completely set up on the drawer for the eform.


  1. Log into Sunglow.
  2. Log into Management Console
  3. Click on Groups (on the left)
  4. Click on Security (at the top)
  5. Type in ImageNow and click search
  6. Highlight ImageNow Forms and click Modify
  7. Click on Drawer Privileges
  8. Click on the Drawer that needs security in the drop down list at the time.
  9. Click next to Create/Append and Edit Custom Properties so that there is a green checkmark next to them.
  10. Click Apply and Ok


Note: In order to determine the drawer, go to \\sunglow\d$\inserver6\etc and open the file imagenowforms.xml in Notepad ++ or Sublime.Search on the name of the Form (ex. frmPayrollDeduction).  Under the FormName will be the Drawer.  Use this value in #8 above.

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