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ImageNow Printer (INP) Stopped Working

The ImageNow Printer (INP) is a virtual printer that allows users to send a direct print to ImageNow instead of printing a hard copy and scanning it in to ImageNow. Users are encouraged to use the INP as often as possible to help conserve resources.

The INP is a local printer on a user’s machine. The INP has a mapped drive to a folder on the ImageNow production server Blue. An import agent for that specific folder runs a script that transfers the images from the user’s computer to a specific location in the software.

There are times when the import agent for a particular INP stops working resulting in a virtual “paper jam”. Each import agent is identified on the ImageNow production server (Blue) as a number followed by 6.1. The only exception is the import agent for Human Resources.

  • 0 6.1 back file scanning project
  • - 6.1 Human Resources
  • 2 6.1 Financial Aid, AGS
  • 3 6.1 Financial Aid, CAS
  • 4 6.1 Financial Aid, CAS – Communication Mgmt Letters
  • 5 6.1 AGO Accounting
  • 6 6.1 Student Services, Admissions
  • 7 6.1 Student Services, Registration
  • 8 6.1 Student Services, Admissions – Communication Mgmt Letters
  • 9 6.1 Payroll
  • 10 6.1 Financial Aid, AGS – Communication Mgmt Letters
  • 11 6.1 Human Resources – mail merge
  • 12 6.1 Student Services, Registration – Communication Mgmt Letters
  • 13 6.1 Accounting - mail merge
  • 14 6.1 Payroll - mail merge

Instructions on how to resolve the virtual paper jam:

  • Send email to
  • Type “Please restart the (fill in appropriate import agent number) import agent on Blue” in the subject line.
  • Cut and paste the following content in the body of the message: The ImageNow Printer for (fill in department name) has stopped working. Please restart the (fill in appropriate #) 6.1 import agent on Blue. Thank you.
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