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Removing Completed Blackboard Courses


This page describes Blackboard Administration's policy on removing completed courses from Blackboard.


The purpose of this policy is to maintain a clean and efficient Blackboard system operating at peak performance and within our contracted limits, by minimizing old courses kept on the system.


Status of Courses

Courses in Blackboard may be Enabled, Disabled, or Removed.  An Enabled course may be accessed by enrolled users and system administrators.  A Disabled course retains all of its data and enrollments.  It is invisible to users and cannot be accessed by anyone, but may be re-enabled by Blackboard Administration.  When a course is Removed from Blackboard its enrollments, submitted assignments, discussion posts, grades and any other course-specific data is removed from the system.  (This data is backed up prior to course removal.)


So long as courses in Blackboard are active as defined in Colleague, they will remain Enabled in Blackboard.  When a cohort or term ends, the courses that belong to it are Disabled after 180 days.  All Disabled courses will then be Removed from Blackboard twice a year.  This will typically occur within two weeks prior to our major upgrades on July 4th and December 27th.  Blackboard Administration reserves the right to postpone or cancel these two removal times without prior notice.


See policy on Access to Completed Blackboard Courses.


This policy affects all Courses in Blackboard, but not Organizations.


13-Nov-2012 - This policy is now in effect.

18-Oct-2012 - This policy is a draft and is not yet in effect.


Doctorate of Leadership courses (and students) always remain Enabled in Blackboard at this time due to the length of time it can take to complete the program.


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