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Removing Inactive Blackboard Users


This page describes Blackboard Administration's policy on removing inactive users from Blackboard.


The purpose of this policy is to maintain a clean and efficient Blackboard system operating at peak performance and within our contracted limits, by removing users who are no longer active in Blackboard.


Status of Users

Users in Blackboard may be Enabled, Disabled, or Removed.  An enabled user may log in and view any courses or organizations into which they are enrolled.  A Disabled user retains all of its data and enrollments and cannot log in, but may be re-enabled at any time.  When a user is removed from Blackboard its enrollments, submitted assignments, discussion posts, grades and any other user-specific data is removed from the system along with the user.  (This data is backed up when courses are archived and removed.)

Faculty and Employees

So long as faculty and employees are listed as having an active, current employment record in Colleague, those users will remain Enabled in Blackboard.  When a faculty or employee leaves the University, his or her Blackboard user is Disabled when Colleague is updated.  That user will then be Removed from Blackboard no earlier than two years from the date of last activity in Blackboard.


So long as student users in Blackboard  are part of an active core group or course section, they will remain Enabled in Blackboard.  When a student graduates or leaves a core group and does not return, that student user is Disabled 180 days after the core group ends.  After a student user is Disabled, that user will then be Removed from Blackboard no earlier than two years from the date of creation or of last activity in Blackboard, whichever is more recent.


This policy affects:

  1. Former faculty
  2. Former employees
  3. Former students


9-Nov-2012 - Clarified user removal to be determined by last activity and creation date
30-Oct-2012 - This policy is now in effect.
12-Oct-2012 - This policy is a draft and is not yet in effect.


Doctorate of Leadership students (and courses) always remain Enabled in Blackboard at this time due to the length of time it can take to complete the program.


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